Kate Davies | Emmanuel Vercruysse

LiquidFactory is a London based art and architecture practice. Our work moves between the written, the drawn and the made and deals with the obscure territories of occupation in between.

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The Attraction of Mountains

“Stone in you and star” R.M Rilke

All mountains exert a small but observable gravitational force on their surroundings. We are all very slightly, very literally attracted to mountains.

Part of the series Prosthetic Mythologies, the Attraction of Mountains is an investigation of the territory between observation, measurement and imagination. Located between the mountain and the stars, it explores geometrical abstractions of landform, land as data, and the mathematical model as an imaginary realm

It is informed by the ‘The Weighing of the World’ experiment conducted on the Mountain, Schiehallion, in the 18th century - an experiment that involved the construction of a mathematical ‘twin’ for the mountain in the notebooks and workings of Mathematician Charles Hutton.

“I am very happy in finding your opinion so clearly in favor of Schehallien’s being a Virgin Venus never submitted to the embraces of Vulcan, the God of Fire: the more estimable, & more attractive on that account!” Neville Maskelyne

Mt Schiehallion - Perth and Kinross, Scotland
56° 40’ 4’’ N, 4° 5’ 52” W
Elevation 1,083 m (3,553 ft.) above sea level